Zakir Naik: Interpol’s Decision Proof Of My Innocence


PETALING JAYA: Controversial preacher Zakir Naik (pix) has hailed Interpol’s decision to not issue a red corner notice (RCN) against him as proof of his innocence.

“The Interpol decision does not come as a shock,” he said.

“It only shows how flimsy the Indian government’s charges against me have been.”

According to him, this was even more pertinent given that the international police organisation rarely refused an RCN when charges of terrorism were involved, “which is what the Indian government is accusing me of”.

“I’m not sure what the (Indian) government gains by falsely implicating me. I’m not even sure for how long this witch hunt will continue,” he said in a statement in response to reports that India had failed for the third time to get Interpol to issue a RCN against him.

“What I’m sure of is that truth is on my side and the Interpol’s decision shows that the truth is already winning.”

Zakir said none of the Indian government agencies were able to provide any proof (of his guilt).

“Interpol will not play along with the Indian government’s political and communal turmoil.

“If three years was not enough to gather evidences against me, chances are they don’t exist,” he said.

Zakir said being on Interpol’s list does not automatically make him as a terrorist because there’s still a fair trial and court verdict needed for that.

“Interestingly, my case officers know the truth.

“They know that I have not committed a crime, any crime.

“They continue because they’re forced to by their political bosses.”