Terengganu Hopes 2019 Budget Allocation Not Wasted


KUALA TERENGGANU: The positive allocation for the industrial sector will guarantee food security for the country.

However, Dr Azman Ibrahim called on the federal government to exercise caution on the budget’s expenditure, so that it was not wasted like ‘pouring salt into the sea’.

The Terengganu state agriculture, agro-based industry and rural development committee chairman hoped for better times from the RM117 million allocation for the industry under 2019 Budget.

“I hope such an allocation for the three main focussed agriculture sectors, concerning research and development, food industry automation and entrepreneurship, and agro-based industrial training will spur it to greater heights.

“I reckon it is a sufficient budget and appropriate during in the current economic situation of the country,” he said.

Dr Azman, however, called for a relook on the country’s previously failed agricultural projects.

“We need to take into account and put due consideration into the expenditure of the budget allocation so that we do not pour salt into the sea which will not bring any result and revenue.

“Good planning and selecting the right people who are enthusiastic, skilful and have perseverance is important.

“Also, its implementation and organised monitoring will be among its success factors,” he said.

Dr Azman added that he fully supported a large portion to be allocated fairly to all states for entrepreneurial programmes and agro-industrial training.

This, he said, was to attract the involvement of the younger generation in the agro-food sector.

“The future of the agro-food sector is dependant on this lot.

“We want them to see this sector as a successful career and not one as a failed one.

“Agriculture is big business,” said Dr Azman.

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