Some Terengganu Mosques Have RM1 Mil In Donations But Reluctant To Spend


There are mosques in the state which have collected almost RM1 million from the public but which is still unspent, the Terengganu Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (Maidam) revealed today.

Its president, Osman Muda, said the council had investigated the matter and had records of the mosques so that further action could be taken.

He said the management of these mosques should use the money efficiently, especially to help the local community.

“The mosque management must be more pro-active in managing the money for the benefit of Muslims in their areas.

“Make sure the local community benefits from the money which was donated because that was the real reason the money was given,” he said after officiating the closing ceremony of the 2019 Terengganu Conference of Zakat Officers here today.

However, Osman did not reveal how many mosques were affected and the total amount of funds which were not spent.

Meanwhile, Osman said the zakat (tithe) collected for 2018 amounted to RM160 million compared with RM137 million the year before.

Last year, the highest amount of zakat collection was from income zakat (RM78 million) followed by business zakat (RM41 million), property zakat (RM25 million), fitrah zakat (RM6 million) and others (RM10 million).

“Each year, we receive more than 40,000 applications for various types of aid, including living, monthly, education and other allowances. However, they will be screened to ensure that they are really eligible for the aid,” he said. FMT