Slight Improvement For Flood-hit Terengganu


The closure of five temporary relief centres (PPS) in Terengganu this afternoon has brought the total number of evacuees down to 2,220 people from 634 families compared to 2,296 from 648 families as previously recorded.

According to the Social Welfare Department’s Disaster Info portal, only 35 PPS were still operating in four districts statewide.

The number of flood victims in Setiu has also dropped to 355 people from 133 families after four relief centres were closed.

“In Hulu Terengganu, three PPS have been closed and the remaining 71 evacuees from 29 families are still being housed in two PPS, namely in Kampung Durian Bador and Kampung Pengkalan Ajal.

“However, in Besut, two more PPS have been opened, to accommodate the increasing number of evacuees to 1,293 people (333 families) compared to only 1,148 (290 families) reported this morning, bringing the total to 23 relief centres,” the report said.

In Dungun, the number of PPS remained at four but the number of evacuees has increased to 501 people from 139 families compared to 483 victims from 134 families this morning.