Removing the Death Penalty Is A Serious Matter


Removing the Death Penalty (DP) is a serious matter that affects our citizens & our country, economically and socially. We ask the Government NOT to remove Death Penalty (DP) for reasons below as there are no benefits but negative impact:

PUBLIC INTEREST FIRST. The Government should put public interest 33 million first and not the minority of criminals, ie. 1281 inmates (ie. 0.000039%). The human rights and safety of the majority public should come first. Public interest should be priority. It is clear, majority Malaysians of nearly 80% want to keep the death penalty (from survey and petitions).

Death Penalty deters crime. Strict laws and punishment works to prevent crime. What people values most, deters the most. This is how sanctions, fines work. Studies show capital punishment deters crime and saves lives. (Note the DP is ineffective due to weak enforcement of our laws and also moratorium in practice).

Increase of crimes & negative impact to economy and social problems. Current crime rates are very high. But if DP is removed, there will be more crimes as there is less deterrent. This will put our citizens lives in danger, especially majority public, including government servants that risk their lives everyday in danger to uphold the rule of law and protect our country. Removal of DP, undermine enforcement work and cheapen innocent civilians’ lives. Without the death penalty, if a perpetrator wants to kill to achieve something, he will kill, because at most, he is safe and also at most he only gets life imprisonment or 30 years imprisonment, whilst innocent victim(s) will lose their lives. This is wrong. Our law should protect public & enforcement officers, not the perpetrators of crime.

Uphold our Rule of Law not strip it. Our solid law cannot be stripped for the benefit of criminals so that they can get away from punishment “legally” when they lost all avenue of appeal for heinous crimes.

Taxpayers’ Money. Our country is in deficit. There are many areas, which need government support funding, including healthcare, welfare, education, infrastructure. But this initiative you use our taxpayers’ money to protect lives of perpetrators of crime, making it as priority above other needs (keeping 1281 inmates alive for 30 years cost = 41 RM x356x30 = approx. 575 million ringgit and approximately RM19.2 million on food alone every year is expensive than execution. It runs to billions. This precious taxpayers’ money that could be used for better and urgent purposes like healthcare, welfare, education, enforcement, technology, infrastructure.

PUBLIC OPINION COUNTS. A referendum is necessary. So much precious taxpayers’ money is used to keep criminals especially those who committed heinous crimes alive and compromising the public’s access to funds for other higher priorities and compromising our rule of law, compromising our safety, public/ taxpayers’ consent is definitely needed.

Follow Good Examples of Asian partners. The Death Penalty is a solid law in place for years and has been adopted by most Asian countries, to keep law and order and such countries have progressed economically and socially, eg. Singapore, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand. Now Sri Lanka and Philippines bringing back DP and India even implement DP against child rapists. These states all recognize DP as deterrent to crimes.

Islamic law. Malaysia’s majority public follows Islam law, which accepts capital punishment. Just as most Middle Eastern Islamic states all endorse capital punishment. Yemen recent steps to hang 2 men who raped and murdered a 12-year-old boy to fight against serious rising crimes and rapes of innocent children.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST We must not let our country and our laws be manipulated by criminals or the NGOs backed by criminals on the pretext to meet the international standards of human rights in United Nation, when in reality it is for the criminals (who will benefit most) to “escape punishment legally”. (Some NGOs have pushed the new Government for human rights reform to remove Death Penalty. A few NGOs are fronted by criminal lawyers paid to act in the best interest of their clients, ie. the criminals. They have cleverly worked together with the many liberal lawyers in our Government (some in our Parliament are still in active private practice) to push forward this initiative. There is a conflict of interest here (between criminals and our public interest, and the public interest comes first.)

Public Interest should come first. We suggest:

i) Cease the moratorium on death sentence immediately. Once the Court has adjudged a sentence to be meted out, the executive branch of the Government should not interfere by introducing a moratorium. Judgment and meting out sentences are the business of the judiciary, not the executive.

ii) Keep Death Penalty and let the judges have the discretion to decide on cases based on evidence. Let Pardons Board review on cases that concerns miscarriage of justice. Address the areas of concerns by redrafting the laws for drug related cases separately.

ii) Full Disclosure of ALL interests of ministers/ MPs, particularly the lawyers who have vested interests (directly or indirectly in the 1281 inmates and/or any criminal cases (past and present). There is a conflict of interest here. MACC should look into this matter seriously. They must be recused from influencing in this decision in the Parliament as they might be bias for the criminals and do not act in the best interests of the public. We need to conduct thorough and responsible studies on the negative impact and to engage dialogue with the stakeholder and the public as a whole.

We also ask public to continue to support the petition to keep the death penalty in Malaysia. Our crime rates are high with robberies, kidnaps, rapes of children & women, murder, & terrorism. We don’t feel safe in our homes & streets. We need strict laws like death penalty to protect us. Please get the opinion from 33 million of us first. Majority never asked for Death Penalty to be removed. If Death Penalty is removed, there will be more crimes and we will not be safe. The new Government must respect our rule of law, NOT reckless by stripping it for minority criminals, ignoring the public interest. Serious crimes like murder, terrorism warrant death penalty. Do not cheapen our lives, or the lives of innocent victims, including the late fireman, Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim & prosecutor Dato Kevin Morias who were killed in line of duty. Justice must be served. You should take care of majority’s human rights first! Why use taxpayers’ money to give free food, housing, healthcare to minority criminals (0.000039% of population) when our country is in debt – when the Government has not solved poor welfare, healthcare, medical, education, civil servants are underpaid – all below international standards? Why create more liabilities to care for criminals’ interest (allocate over 575 Million to feed 1281 inmates for 30 years) when you can’t feed our understaffed enforcement team properly? Criminals are lawless & fearless, due to our weak enforcement (NOT because the law is ineffective). You should use our limited resources to first strengthen enforcement & not create more liabilities by removing death penalty. Do not be weak & do not be manipulated by activists backed by criminals. Do your due diligence: Death Penalty is the best deterrent against crimes. Enforcing it saves lives. Removing it will result in more crimes. Please enforce our laws and NOT strip it! Please KEEP DEATH PENALTY to protect the majority of Malaysians! Please support us and share. Your voice matters.

(PRESS RELEASE BY Gerakan Pembela Ummah – UMMAH 12 February 2019)