Penang Mufti Supports Call For Male Footballers To Cover Up


A mufti in Penang has voiced support for a call by a Terengganu legislator for all Muslim athletes, including male footballers, to cover themselves until their knees at all events beginning next year.

Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor said this was in line with the requirements of Islam.

“I am also of the opinion that covering up will not affect the performance or achievements of these athletes. After all, ‘tutup aurat’ (covering up) is a must in Islam,” he said when contacted.

Salim added that the ruling should be easy for most Muslim men as they are only required to cover themselves from the navel to the knees.

Terengganu executive councillor Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah told the state assembly yesterday that beginning next year, all Muslim athletes from the state had to wear shariah-compliant clothing both at home and while participating in outstation events.

He said the “tutup aurat” initiative would begin with footballers and expand to other sporting activities in stages.

He said this was part of the PAS-led government’s initiative to put in place Islamic values, especially in matters concerning shariah-compliant clothing.

According to him, the initiative was first proposed by the state mufti. He said implementation would not be immediate but that athletes were encouraged to start meeting the required standards.

Sukairi also dismissed concerns over a possible drop in performance, giving the example of Terengganu state runner Azreen Nabila Alias who was crowned the “speed queen” at the recent Sukma games despite being dressed in shariah-compliant clothing. – FMT