PAS Youth Plans ‘Hit & Run Derita Rakyat’ Rally On New Year’s Eve


PAS Youth has announced a rally on New Year’s Eve to protest against the Pakatan Harapan government’s purported false promises and failure to address socio-economic issues which is plaguing Malaysians.

According to PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi (pic), the “Hit & Run Derita Rakyat” (people’s suffering) rally will take place on Dec 31 at 10pm in front of Sogo Shopping Centre.

“Come peacefully in droves to be in solidarity to urge the Pakatan government to address the people’s suffering,” said Khalil.

Muhammad Khalil, who is the son of PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, said this in a statement on Thursday (Dec 27).

Muhammad Khalil also said that the rally was to voice out grievances against the government’s failure to address the rising cost of living among Malaysians.

“Many allocations that were given to the poor, low income, students, farmers, fishermen, and among others, were either slashed or abolished.

“On the other hand, the allocation initiative is seen to only benefit the rich,” he said.

At the same time, Muhammad Khalil said that the government’s decision to replace the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the Sales and Services Tax (SST) hasn’t resulted in a positive effect on addressing the rising cost of goods.

“At present, the Consumer Price Index and the inflation rate continues to record an increase, and at the same time, contributing to the decrease in the people’s spending power.”

Muhammad Khalil claimed that unemployment among youths are on the rise, alleging that the Pakatan government isn’t showing concrete efforts to address the issue of foreign workers and “imported” skilled labour.

“Therefore, this voice must be heard by the whole country. This message must be sent to the Pakatan government as a signal by Malaysians,” he added.

The “Hit & Run Derita Rakyat” rally came about following two protests this month, which was marred by controversy.

First was the protest against the UN’s International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) on Dec 8, and another rally on Dec 25 to “seek justice” for fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, who died while carrying out his duties during the Seafield temple riots on Nov 27.

The anti-Icerd rally drew criticism from politicians, civil society organisations and the public for being racially provocative, while the Dec 25 rally saw the arrest of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) president Datuk Azwanddin Hamzah Ariffin Abu Bakar for allegedly using derogatory language.-thestar