Hamas Praises Mediators’ Efforts In Lifting Gaza Siege, Calls For General Elections


The deputy head of the political bureau of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Khalil al-Hayya, said that the efforts of Egypt and the United Nations to achieve a national reconciliation and a truce agreement has made great strides, expressing his hopes for the success of these steps.

During his participation in the press conference organized by the Media Forum on Thursday on the latest political developments, al-Hayya called on both sides to accelerate the completion of what was presented to them from files, including the opening of the border crossings and the establishment of a sea passage which will connect Gaza to the outside world.

He also called upon the mediators to shoulder their responsibilities in the event of the failure of these efforts, stressing that the implementation of these files have a time limit.

He pointed out that the Palestinian people are able to grab their rights by continuing their resistance and peaceful marches if the efforts fail, adding, “will not accept to remain under siege or to die of starvation.”

National Unity

Al-Hayyah called for a national unity, based on partnership in order to face the challenges of the Palestinian cause, on the basis of the 2011 agreement.

“We have tried and conceded all we can in the sake of achieving a national reconciliation, but unfortuantely we have only faced more punitive measures and the tightening of the siege on the Gaza Strip by President Abbas.”

He stressed that reconciliation lies in lifting the siege and ending the sanctions against Gaza, and heading towards a genuine reconciliation based on national partnership.

He pointed out that the government of Rami al-Hamdallah is part of the siege of Gaza and is no longer qualified nationally to lead the Palestinian cause.

Call for elections

“We are ready to hold general, legislative and presidential elections within 3-6 months because Hamas believes that this democratic step will solve all problems currently facing the Palestinian cause,” al-Hayya said.

He called for building a Palestinian political system based on the previous agreements and forming a government of national unity which will ultimately overcome the internal Palestinian rift.

“The government of Rami al-Hamdallah is not qualified to play this role; because it has become part of the siege on the Gaza Strip, and is no longer regarded as a consensus government and it’s time for the people of Palestine to elect their government.”

He challenged the Fatah movement to run for the elections under the supervision of the international community and UN.

Sanctions on Gaza

Al-Hayya demanded that Abbas ends his sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip, stressing that it represents a national crime and a stab in the back for our people.

He said that the measures of the Authority against Gaza exacerbated the suffering of its people, and its purpose was mainly to tighten the siege, pointing out that these procedures began on the seventh of March 2017 before the formation of the Administrative Committee.

Al-Hayya explained that Abbas’s actions consisted of manipulating social affairs, cutting the allowances of prisoners and martyrs, reducing the salaries of PA employees in Gaza arbitrarily, and forced retirement in the context of retaking Gaza due to American pressure.

He pointed out that there is an international trend to end the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza after its steadfastness and sacrifices, but Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah movement continue to refuse lifting of the siege.
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