Hamas Comments On UN-Issued Statement Regarding Latest Israeli Aggression Against Gaza


We, in the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas, were shocked by the statement issued by the Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General on the latest Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The statement reflected not only bias in favor of the Israeli position but also support for its aggressive stance. The statement ignored the crimes committed by the occupation forces last Friday, May 3 when they killed children taking part in the peaceful Return Marches, and then the assassination of two others. Those crimes provoked the resistance factions to respond to the aggression that they did not initiate. We were acting in self-defense.

The statement also ignored the fact that the occupation in the recent aggression killed 28 Palestinians, most of them were civilians, and wounded more than 200, and demolished more than 500 houses and civilian facilities.

Above all, the statement disregarded the Israeli occupation’s procrastination over the past months to implement what it promised to implement as part of the recent understandings mediated by the UN, Egypt, and Qatar. The Israeli occupation, instead, continues to impose an unjust siege on two million Palestinians for more than 12 years.

This biased language favouring the occupation and its aggression does not serve the stability or end the escalation; nor does not it help in playing the role of mediator, create the environment for calm or move forward in this complex situation.

Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas
Gaza – Palestine