Forge Closer Ties With Your Fellow Muslims, Says Terengganu Sultan In Raya Message


Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu today reminded the people in the state that Hari Raya was not merely a joyous occasion.

He said Islam encourages Muslims to celebrate the day of jubilation with thanksgiving and awareness of the lasting impact that fasting has on the values of life.

“The fasting we have just performed is among our most important religious practices, teaching us about being righteous in life and death,” the Sultan said in his Aidilfitri message.

In this regard, to ensure istiqomah (steadfastness) in religious practice, especially fasting during Ramadan, Sultan Mizan emphasised on the people to do the six-day fasting in Syawal.

He urged the people, in the spirit of Aidilfitri, to enhance ties with fellow Muslims such as visiting family members, friends and acquaintances to rebuild relations and seek forgiveness.

“We should also not forget our security forces such as police and armed forces as well as firefighters and staff on duty in the prison, immigration and customs, hospitals, service sector and the media,” he said. — Bernama