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Lynas’ breached licensing condition – TOL should be suspended!

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SMSL calls on the Government to suspend Lynas’ temporary operating licence since it has failed to identify an acceptable safe permanent disposal facility (PDF) by 2nd July, ten months after the issuing of the licence, as a required condition for the licence.

Mr Tan Bun Teet from SMSL said “The Government has promised to scrutinise the Lynas project. It has even gone as far as saying that it will revoke Lynas’ licence if it is unsafe.  Not having a PDF is not a scientifically sound or safe solution to Lynas’ toxic waste.  The Government must act responsibly in the interest of the public. We do not want toxic and radioactive waste from Lynas contaminating Malaysia!“

One such promise was made by the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Mustapha Bin Mohamed this year on 15th January. He claimed that the plant is safe scientifically and promised to scrutinise the plant and to revoke Lynas’ licence if it is unsafe.  SMSL is gravely concerned that the Government has not fulfilled its duty of care in scrutinising Lynas and letting toxic waste be dumped in technically unsound and poorly designed retention ponds.

“The Lynas plant is situated near dense rural fishing villages and housing estates. Allowing Lynas to continue to pollute our air, contaminate our waterways and our land tax-free is foolish.  It is a violation of people’s rights to clean air and water and a safe place to live. ” Said Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, another spokesperson from SMSL.

According to a detailed scientific analysis by the reputable German institution Oeko, Lynas’ proposed radioactive waste management plan is seriously deficient, contrary to claims by Lynas.  More details can be found in the attached Oeko Report Summary.

Meanwhile the market has lost confidence in Lynas.  Its share value has plunged to below Australian 40 cent last week.  Currently Lynas is operating below a sustainable financial manner.

“Lynas’ failure to stick to its licensing conditions is unacceptable.  It is unsafe for the public. Malaysia should not expose this kind of hazardous risk to its rakyat!” continued Mr Tan

“Lynas and the Malaysian Government may think that we will give up fighting Lynas.  In truth, we have never stopped.  We said we would fight till the end to Stop Lynas and we are doing exactly just that!” concluded Mr Tan.

SMSL will continue with its judicial review cases to seek the court to intervene to withdraw Lynas’ TOL for the safety and in the interest of local residents and all Malaysians.  Additionally, SMSL will embark on a campaign to Stop Lynas on a wider global scale.

***Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)

MP Will Not Boycott Swearing-in Ceremony

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There has been speculation in the media that KEADILAN may boycott the swearing-in ceremony of MPs at the Dewan Rakyat on June 24, 2013. I wish to state categorically that at no point of time did KEADILAN decide to carry out any boycott of the oath taking process.

KEADILAN and Pakatan Rakyat had only decided to boycott the parliamentary briefing on June 11, 2013. That boycott was carried out as a principled protest against the massive fraud and cheating perpetrated by the BN in the recent 13th General Elections.

All KEADILAN Members of Parliament will thus attend the swearing-in process, and will thereafter vigorously execute their duties as the rakyat's elected representatives.

Mohamed Azmin bin Ali
Deputy President

Why EAIC commissioner acts as Defence Lawyer for policeman

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We refer to the Government’s continuous support for the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC).

We wish to point out that one of the Commissioners on its panel is Dato’ Salehuddin Saidin who also is the defence lawyer for one of the accused charged for murder in the custodial death case of N. Dhamendran.

This is in serious conflict considering Dato Salehuddin will have to defend his client and at the same time is expected to be independent and objective when looking into the complaints and misconduct of policemen.

We also note that this is not the first time Dato’ Salehuddin Saidin is involved as a defence lawyer for policemen in custodial torture and death cases. He was also involved previously as the Defence lawyer for Navindran a/l Vivekanandan, charged for causing grievous hurt on A. Kugan who died in custody. Worse still, Dato’ Salehuddin also represented Serdang Hospital pathologist Dr Abdul Karim Tajudin who was found guilty of professional misconduct in preparing A. Kugan’s first post mortem report.

He was also representing the policemen in the case of B. Prabakar who was tortured and scalded by hot water while in custody in year 2008.

The government must withdraw its continuous support of EAIC if it is actually serious about resolving death and torture in police custody. We reiterate that nothing short of IPCMC will work and more importantly there must be a guarantee of its independence to ensure professional investigation is carried out without fear or favour.

Latheefa Koya

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 June 2013 00:09

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