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Umno and BN exploit women for political gain

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http://buletinonline.net/images/stories/berita45/bnexploitwoman.gifOnce again, BN uses women as a convenient tool to sully other people’s reputations.

And so we watch with a growing sense of horror, at the media coverage of the various smutty videos by BN, principally Umno and MCA, trying to discredit various politicians, in particular one Opposition politician.

In 2008, the Minister for Health resigned after a hidden camera in a hotel room caught him in flagrante delicto with a young woman who was not his wife. The minister, Chua Soi Lek, blamed his enemies in MCA of orchestrating the video release.

Last Monday, a new sex scandal broke out over a video clip that purported to show Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim having sex, this time, with a woman. Currently, he is being tried in court for having a homosexual relationship with his teaboy.

BN’s strategy is to paint Anwar’s character in lurid colours as is possible. They plan to portray Anwar as a sex beast who is depraved and who cannot satisfy his insatiable lust with either men or women.

Both these videos depict two men with two different women. Datuk T or Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik who is behind the ‘pseudo Anwar’ smutty clips referred to the girl in the sex video, as a prostitute, without so much as a thought.

Who gave Datuk T the moral right to use women like this and to label her a ‘prostitute’? Isn’t there a story behind the girl that extends beyond her role in the sex video?

Just because the woman in the sex video has chosen her particular profession, does not mean that she should be further exploited.

What Thamby Chik did is something more than just voyeurism. It is dismissive to brand the girl because it sends out a message that the world she inhabits is not our world. How did she get to where she is now? Hers is an untold and hidden story. What makes Datuk T think her world does not affect us? Or us, hers?

No one is attempting to paint the story of the woman in the sex video as a little angel.

But then no one chooses to be a prostitute. If there had been no demand from men for this type of services, if job opportunities were more available, if the girls were not hooked on drugs, if boyfriends or husbands did not abuse these women and exploit them, then these women might have had a different future and life.

The plan hatched by Datuk T is typical of the arrogant Malay man. Their world is one in which women are freely abused. If the woman refuses, he uses money to influence them.

Datuk T aka Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik raped an underaged girl and claimed innocence. Once he had his way with the minor, she was conveniently discarded, like orange pips.

The girl was not the only woman he used. He also ignored the protests of her family especially her grandmother, who wanted justice for the girl. Umno could not care less. I

In the end, it was this girl’s grandmother who approached Lim Guan Eng to fight for her. He did, and paid for his troubles with a jail sentence.

And now, over two decades later, Thamby Chik is still abusing women for his own political gain.

Umno men, like Datuk T are despicable. Their exploitation knows no bounds. Look at how they are using Ummi Hafilda Ali to do their dirty work for them. Should this deluded and deranged woman, the self-styled glamour puss, deserve our sympathy? Money, greed and revenge have clouded her judgement, so perhaps not.

But this is politics, Malaysia style. There is no intellectual discourse, fewer still creative policies and the perpetrators don’t care who stands in their way. The law means nothing to them for it can be bent to suit their purposes. BN excels at making up the rules as they go along.

It appears that BN can see the Sodomy II trial slipping through their fingers and so have engineered a plan to bring Anwar down, this time with a woman. BN’s mode of thinking is that if this video clip with the woman does not work, they will probably plan to capture images of Anwar performing necrophilia, bestiality or even autoerotic asphyxiation.

So when will the Minister for Women speak out against the exploitation of women for the political gain and revenge of Umno/BN men?